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Educational company "BEC Dnepropetrovsk" helps Ukrainian children, students and adults to receive a quality education abroad. The company "BEC Dnepropetrovsk" is the official representative in Ukraine of the leading language centers, camps, private boarding schools, colleges and universities from around the world.

We offer you the educational programs:

  • Programs for children and students
  • Language courses for students and adults
  • Programs of learning a foreign language for the whole family
  • Home Tuition is a foreign language at teacher's place
  • Secondary education in private schools and colleges
  • Preparation for international exams IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Preparation for universities
  • Higher education (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree)
  • Business leadership programs
  • MBA and Pre-MBA

Any person, wishing to realize himself in a career, does not imagine implementing this goal without a quality education. Knowledge should be acquired and grown throughout the whole life. The language centers, schools, colleges and universities abroad have become an appropriate alternative to traditional education in Ukraine for a long time. Conscious parents in early childhood are preparing their kids to study in language centers, boarding schools or universities abroad. Nowadays there is an opinion that studying abroad is a luxury. In fact, many people can afford quality education abroad. It should be noted that the cost of education in many European countries is almost equal to the Ukrainian education. For example, studying at universities in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands will cost as much as students need to pay for tuition in leading universities in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Lvov.

You will be chosen pick the educational establishment based on your personal preferences in the office of the educational company "BEC Dnepropetrovsk". Also you should show all the talents and knowledge in your desire to obtain the diploma of a foreign university, a college or a school. It is important to clearly see the aim and move confidently in the chosen direction.

What will you cooperate with the educational company "BEC Dnepropetrovsk"?

  • Provide professional, relevant and reliable information about the ratings of foreign educational institutions, opportunities for further education and employment prospects in any country.
  • Selection of a number of educational institutions and provide comprehensive information about each of them.
  • Language testing in the office as well as tasting in other subjects in accordance with all requirements of foreign educational institutions.
  • FAM trip organization to schools, colleges and universities abroad for the whole family,   meeting with the administration and the students, hotels booking, transfers booking, air flight tickets booking, consulting support in visa application and health insurance.
  • Enrollment of students in one or more educational institutions. Conducting all accompanying work: communication with educational institutions, transfer of documents, filling out the necessary documents, translation of documents, etc.
  • Selection of place of residence during studying abroad.
  • Dealing with guardianship services (if it is necessary for private schools).
  • Supervision of the child during the academic year abroad.
  • FAM trips organization for the parents of the child during her/his studying or during holidays.

The value of foreign education is in getting not only theoretical knowledge but also practical. Students communicate with practical professors, internships are planned in academic plans of foreign universities that are often paid, during which students apply practically their knowledge.

All who are interested in education abroad but still have doubts for whatever reasons, we offer our students to read the reviews in the "Reviews".

The educational company "BEC Dnepropetrovsk" annually holds one of the largest international exhibitions "Education abroad"; it is a specialized and unique event in the life of Dnepropetrovsk, where in one day, at one point the official representatives (directors, teachers, managers, regional representatives) of educational institutions from all over the world get together.  Ukrainian students can get answers to all their questions about the educational programs, conditions of enrollment in foreign educational institutions, accommodation, security and future prospects at the end of their studies. Value and uniqueness of the exhibition "Education abroad" is all information obtained by you that is the information from the horse's mouth.

For more information about studying abroad you can be get at the offices of the educational company "BEC Dnepropetrovsk":


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