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The group of companies "Pantheon" (Dnepropetrovsk) provides all-inclusive professional services for the development, implementation and introduction of commercial investment projects on the territory of Ukraine. The experience and professionalism of the company guarantee efficient management of projects, and the creativity and resourcefulness of the author team allows us to develop unique, conceptually new business plans for projects. Carrying out of detailed market research allows to minimize risks and to maximize profitability.

The group of companies "Pantheon", as a developer, offers a full range of services for the most efficient use of capital investment in various investment projects.

1. The development and implementation of marketing research, which include:

  • collection, processing and analysis of data using modern techniques;
  • information and analytical of the market (market intensity, its structure, the existing demand, the target audience peculiarity, the various economic ratings and progress trends);
  • detailed analysis of the competitive environment (strengths, weaknesses of existing competitors, the ability of market entry of new, etc.);
  • analysis of the possible factors of influence, such as social, economic, political, environmental.

2. Professional assessment of the land.

3. The formation of the idea and concepts of the project.

4. Development of a business plan.

5. Manufacturing of all necessary designs.

6. Engineering, architectural and construction design.

7. Analysis of the investment attractiveness of the project.

8. Preparation and execution of project documentation.

9. Risk analysis using a variety of techniques that allows the development of the most effective measures to minimize their impact.

10. Audit.

11. Budgeting of the project.

12. Attraction of credit and investment funds.

13. The implementation of legal examination, paper work, obtaining all necessary licenses and permits in the shortest possible time.

14. Formation of professional architectural and engineering team.

15. Planning of construction work.

16. Coordination of conducting all the construction work.

17. Planning of the credit repayment.

18. Selection and acquisition of high-quality building materials.

19. Providing highly qualified personnel performing all necessary work.

20. Quality control of construction and estimated expenditure.

21. Accounting.

22. Control over the operation of the building and of the engineering systems after construction.