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Shopping center at the address: 3 D Geroev Ave., 4 – Pobeda,  Dnepropetrovsk, (opposite the supermarket "BILLA")

Total area: 910 sq. m.

Category: shopping

Scale: district

Time: 10:00 - 20:00

Parking: 50 places

Target audience: the age of buyers is from 18 to 65 years with an estimated average income average and above as well as families with children

Buying attitude: high

The shopping complex with the total area of 910 sq. m is located in the central part of the housing estate Pobeda with developed infrastructure. This complex is located in a line of shops "Comfy", "Antoshka" as well as a coffee restaurant "Confetti", a fast food restaurant "McDonald's", etc. The shopping center is situated on the "red line" in an area with high traffic and pedestrian flow.

Filling the mall:

Ground floor: supermarket ATB, total area: 900 sq.m.

First floor: a chain of toys stores and children's products "DivoLand"

From 2007 to 2013 the rooms on the first floor occupied by the furniture market operators (upholstered furniture, children's furniture, wardrobes, wardrobes, lamps shop, curtains’ shop). The shopping center is called "MebelExpo."

For the convenience of customers, who come in cars, free parking is provided at 50 m in front of the building.

Characteristics of the property:

Number of floors - 2 floors

Ceiling height – 3.0 m

The height of stained-glass window facade is 2.35 m; it is higher than floor level as of 0.58 m.

There is a built-in load lift with capacity of up to 1 tonne, with a separate entrance.

There are office rooms and cellarage, two bathrooms.

The incoming group is warm aluminum profile, shutters.

Bay is 6 x 9 m.

Электроснабжение –50 кВт

Engineering equipment:

Heating of individual heat connected to the main highway

Air conditioning and ventilation is air handling combined with air heating

Power supply is 50 kW.

Materials of finishes:

The object is leased with the internal finishing works:

Ceiling - Armstrong in the shop

Walls - brick, gypsum plasterboard, painted in sand colour

Floor – ceramic tiles

Among the strengths of the shopping center are:

• Convenient location on the "red line" in the area of very heavy traffic and pedestrian flows
• The intensity of traffic is ensured due to the concentration of shops large networks of different product groups
• Placement in an area with developed infrastructure (the fast food restaurant "McDonald's", a coffee restaurant "Confetti", electronics supermarket "Comfy", food supermarkets, the market "Kodak", bank branches, etc.)
• Close proximity to public transport, which has a positive effect for the rental stores
• The modern level of finishing and design, autonomous air conditioning, heating, fire fighting, an effective safety system
• The presence of a large park that creates favorable conditions for buyers
The investment and attractive shopping center

Advertising opportunities at the mall:
• Outdoor advertising (advertising on the facade of the building, prizmatron on the side face of the building)
• Inside advertising  (advertising in the trade area)
• Other advertising (surface landings, design the input group)


The commercial room is rented without intermediaries on the first floor with access to the "red line", the supermarket "ATB" is occupies the ground floor.

Option No. 1. It is considered the proposals of major network operators of the various product groups from 100 sq. m. to 910 sq .m. The rental price is 130-150 UAH per 1 sq. m. (utilities services aren’t included in the price).

Option No. 2. It can be considered as renting all rooms with the total area of 910 sq. m. under any product group. The best price of lease is 100 UAH per 1 sq. m. (utilities services aren’t included in the price).

For more information about the terms of leasing in Dnepropetrovsk and Pavlograd, you can contact the Department of Real Estate, tel.: +38 (056) 376-46-76

Head of Real Estate of the group of companies "Pantheon": Denis Liubin mob. +38 (050) 900-36-90

Economist of Real Estate of the group of companies "Pantheon": Iuliia Danilenko mob. +38 (050) 452-91-55, +38 (093) 260-04-12

Address of the mall: 3 D Geroev Ave., Pobeda, Dnepropetrovsk